Biomedical Optics and Imaging Laboratory

About the Lab

The Biomedical Optics and Imaging Laboratory (BOILab, PI: Bin Yang) is located in the Department of Engineering at Duquesne University. Research at BOILab has been focused on leveraging the power of the light to solve biomedical problems. With light, an array of optical techniques has been developed for biomedical imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutics.


9/4/2020 Abstract Accepted for Poster Presentation by Grace Ingram
Title: High-speed Structured Polarized Light Imaging of Tissue Dynamics
2020 Carnegie Mellon Forum on Biomedical Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA

6/19/2020 BOILab was awarded funding from the Samuel and Emma Winters Foundation to support the research on accelerating corneal crosslinking procedure.

4/9/2020 Abstract Accepted for Poster Presentation by Bin Yang
Title: Real-time structured polarized light imaging (rtSPLI) for thick ocular tissue dynamics
2020 ARVO Imaging in the Eye Conference, Baltimore, MD

1/5/2020 Abstract Accepted for Podium Presentation by Lucia Secaida Del Cid
Title: Investigating spectral dependence of white light illumination in instant polarized light microscopy
2020 NCUR, Montana State University,